How To Kick Bad Habits

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We all have habits of one kind or another. Some habits are positive others are negative and some are just revolting to other people. We want to keep the good habits and kick the bad ones. For a successful life the bad habits must go or our success will stay be hind with all of the bad. Kicking bad habits can be very hard to do. If one is down and out with low self esteem then kicking those bad habits can seem almost impossible to do. We hold on to these habits most of the time because we have trained our minds to think that we need them to survive and inside we all know this is so untrue. Start setting goals that will help you kick bad habits and start moving towards a life of success with out them tagging along. Don't make excuses to justify your habits. Be honest with self and recognize the habits that must go. Making excuses is so easy to do especially when it come to something that we feel we need. Like smoking. I smoke, but I realize it is a habit that I must kick. Recognizing the fact that I need to kick it out of my life for good is the first step to successfully booting it out for good. Also seeing how it affects others and how others who do not smoke react towards me. The smell is revolting and the health issues that it…show more content…
We all have a habit or 2 the we need to kick and judging others for theirs is not going to help you kick yours any better or faster. Don't judge yourself either. Judge the habit on a rating scale not the person. Habits are part of life, some choose habits that are worse then others but that doesn't mean they don't deserve the same chance you have. Accepting the fact that life has its ups and downs for us all and not judging does not mean you have to accept others bad habits, My point is accepting others and not judging them for the habits they have obtained through trial and error will help you see your own habits. This in return will make it much easier to not justify and make excuses and kick

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