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20 awesome ways to build a small garden with ample storage space With the entire world going through an unprecedented population boom, everyone is scrambling for space. Larger population means more demand for real estate and hence smaller living spaces especially in the urban areas. With the smaller houses and flats comes smaller space for gardens however that necessarily doesn’t mean that the Gardner in you cannot have a great garden. For all of you out there who are strapped for space, we have here the best 20 gardening ideas that will let you make the most out of the space you have for your garden. 1. Kitchen Fairy Garden Fairy gardens are nothing new however the way this idea has incorporated the use of old items from the kitchen is a treat. Using pot lids, muffin pans etc one can come up with an amazing…show more content…
Hanging Gutter Garden This is an awesome DIY project wherein using your regular gutter pipes you can create a nice plantation that will be ample in size. Best part about it; no footprint at all on your garden ground, giving you more of space that way. 4. Tower Made Out of Terracotta Nested potters stacked together have always been an effective gardening technique, click here to know how you can come up with one of these for your garden on your own. 5. Balcony Garden One of my favourites, balcony garden looks even better with sturdy, mature plants that can not only take in more light and wind but also easily fill the small space that an urban balcony usually provides. 6. Garden Bench Planter Have an unused garden bench lying around? Why not use it as an excellent planter then. A bit of paint is all that you would need to get a good looking and raised support for your beautiful flowers. All this with almost no extra ground space required. 7. Fence Planter Boxes Planter boxes can be easily crafted out of any type of cut wood. It is even easier to come up with a variety of ways to grow your garden vertically using these boxes. 8. Recycled Bottle Wall

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