How To Write A Red Lobster Descriptive Essay

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Red Lobster Have you ever been to a restaurant with their seafood displayed for you to see? It’s important to know that your delicious seafood comes from a good and healthy source. Red Lobster is the place to go for a nice evening with your family. Everyone will enjoy the cheddar bay biscuits, I mean who doesn’t like Red Lobsters famous biscuits! Make sure to swing by Red Lobster in Norridge and try their four star seafood. It’s the best in town! In my opinion Red Lobsters cleanliness is acceptable but could be better. When the waiter placed me at the table and sat us down, the table was a little sticky even after they washed it. The carpeted floor was nice and clean with no crumbs which was actually refreshing. Another thing that vexed me quite a bit was their stained silverware. When you approach a fine dined restaurant you expect clean cups,plates,and silverware. Red Lobsters cleanliness was fair, but not the best. Otherwise Red Lobsters decoration is very pleasant and makes you feel very comfortable. The color of the walls are lighter shades of yellow with flags on the side of …show more content…

They visit your table to make sure you have everything you need and they always have a smile on their face. If you're taking your family out for a birthday lunch or dinner they always give you a free delicious birthday cake with your own menu card. Its very kind of them bring out a cake and even sing! The staff at Red Lobster really know about the menu, if you're stuck on which beverage is better or which dish is better just asked your waiter and they'll make sure you make the right decision. Even though the food is great and the beverages, the wait bothers many people. It takes a long time for them to bring out the appetizers and even the main dish. It's at least a forty minute wait but in my opinion, I don't mind the wait because when they bring out your delicious meal, you won't regret

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