How Would Cesar Chavez Use Nonviolence?

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We all know Dr.King Jr. as a person who helped society accept that there are different people with different skin colors. He helped make it so that different colored people aren’t treated differently just because of their skin color and ethnicity. He made sure that before he died that different colored people with different ethnicity would someday go to the same school together and walk the same street, make sure nobody was above anybody just because of their ethnicity or skin color. He also tried to make sure or to get the message out that nobody is below anybody just because of their ethnicity or skin color before he died. After he died we made the day that died to celebrate what did for this country. That is where Martin Luther King Jr. Day came from. Cesar Chavez wrote an article about how using nonviolence to achieve a certain goal is the best way. In the article he used Ethos meaning morals and Logos meaning logic the persuade people that using nonviolence is the best way to achieve a goal especially when it comes to racial equality.
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In the article Cesar Chavez stated that, “ Nonviolence supports you if you have a just and moral cause. Nonviolence provides the opportunity to stay on the offensive,and that is a crucial importance to win any contest. If we resort to violence then one of two things will happen: either the violence will be escalated and there will be many injuries and perhaps death on both sides, or there will be total demoralization of the workers.” you see what Cesar Chavez is trying to say is that when it comes to violence if you resort to non violence, than most people will support you because you have a definite win and this way nobody is gonna get hurt or die in the
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