Hrm 300 Week 2 Employment Interview Questions

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1. What are your employment needs and goals now and in the future; what are you searching for? Being challenged, involved, and empowered. I would like to grow within the position as well as gaining all of the knowledge in order to be a great addition to the organization. 2. What are your top 3 job search criteria? Is it pay, hours, location, company, duties, benefits, advancement, or other aspects? Great company, health benefits, growth within the company, hours. 3. What is your current job, and what is the specific reason you want to leave this job? My last full time occupation didn’t allow me to move up in company which was very discouraging. 4. Work History – What was your prior position title, dates in that job, why did you take …show more content…

What days and times are you hoping your shifts/schedule would be? I am pretty flexible with days and hours; I do volunteer on Sundays from 12-4 at St. Joseph Hospital Denver CO 80218 10. Are you open to per diem PDM status? Hours will fluctuate from 1 to 2 to 3 shifts a week to cover vacations, sick times, and open gaps in the schedule. PDM status is the shift to get your foot in the door, it is the position we have open most often. Staff can move up to PT and FT later, once those open. Absolutely 11. Flexibility is required to be a backup for different shifts of days and evening. Do you have flexibility in your schedule? I do besides on Sundays from 12-4 as mentioned above. 12. List out the full ranges of times you are not available to work? From day shifts, evening, and over nights, a hospital is open 24/7. Some positions require being available for various shifts. I am very flexible with hours and days; I am available for whenever I am needed. 13. Are you in school or taking classes and what time are your classes? I am in school but they are all online courses that will not interfere with my job. 14. What is the degree you are in process of obtaining? Bachelors of

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