Health Care Field Analysis

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How do you see this position tying into your career path? (Respond in 100-200 words.) I believe the transition will be a natural segue, as I continue my career this position will enable expanded knowledge of person assistant duties. The primary functions of the position I desire is full of on the job training. The idea of working for such an accomplished and successful employer is bewildering. The position also is a segue into my current educational goals, which are geared toward a Human Services Degree. Over the past twelve years I have worked in the health care field. While working in the various jobs I have had several administrative assistant duties, which included patient intake, data entry/analysis, inventory management, etc. As previously stated, this position consists of patient care and administrative both are predominant in my career growth. I have expanded knowledge of what this position requires over the course of twelve years. 2. How do you handle stress and pressure? (Respond in 100-200 words.) …show more content…

I'm constantly discovering new and invigorating ways to decrease stress levels and boon my day. Ensuring I'm getting enough sleep at night, eating healthy, moderately exercising and staying committed to prayer throughout the day are just a few examples. I also try to talk to those who are wise that are for consultation purposes as they have become my mentors. I prioritize tasks and try not to overcommit myself. I try to take on the problems that I can solve and elevate the ones that are out of my control. An example, coworkers and family members asking for assistance with personal matters, efficiently solving problems on the

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