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The career that I am interested in pursuing is that of a patient representative. I am currently on track, educationally, to pursue this career. With the help of the personality and traits questionnaire I was able to learn what is expected of a patient representative and if my personality is compatible with this profession. Becoming a patient representative will open doors to other career goals that I have. Kaplan University Career Services will be beneficial to me when it is time to create a resume and practice job interviews. I am optimistic for my future and my education at Kaplan University is the foundation for my success. A career as a patient representative is very diverse. When I first decided this is the career path for me, I imagined …show more content…

According to the patient representative career outlook (U.S. Department of Labor, 2016), individuals interested in pursuing this type of career are interested in helping people and teaching. Personality traits that these individuals possess include “concern for others, dependability, self control, attention to detail, independence, and integrity” (U.S. Department of Labor). According to my personality and traits questionnaire, my personality is compatible with this career, as it was one of the career choices I was given. There were also many other options that I was interested in. I received the highest score in the social category which surprised me because I think of myself as more of an introvert. Becoming a patient representative will open doors to other career goals that I have. Right now my main goal is to finish my degree and obtain employment as a patient representative. When I am ready I can transition to counseling patients, this would probably need further credentials. Another option is to become a social worker which has also been an interest of mine. I know for that career I would need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in social work/psychology and there are other credentials and licensing that I would need. It is exciting to see where my future career can take …show more content…

As I mentioned in my last assignment I have been a stay at home parent for nearly the passed sixteen years. I haven’t had much work experience and the KU Career Services team will be able to help me determine what I can and cannot put in my resume. The last time I went on a job interview I was nineteen years old and I am sure that the procedures have changed. I believe that KU Career Services will help me successfully gain the career I am interested in, even if I will be quite a bit older than other

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