Nursing Scholarship Essay

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I have always set my mind to everything I’ve wanted to achieve. At times, I found that things were difficult, but I never gave up and always tried harder. In college, I plan to major in nursing and after graduation I would like to head to straight into the nursing field and fulfil every goal I set for myself from that point on. As a child, I was always interested in helping others and making them feel better. Continuously, I was told to never give up at anything and always try to succeed in all that I do. I remember as a kid, I would always try to help my little sister get better during any time that she wasn’t feeling well. I am the type of person to constantly make sure that the people around me are alright and I always make sure to …show more content…

I enjoy being around children and I feel as if they gravitate towards me because I am a very caring and nurturing person. Since I get along well with younger children, I could see myself specifically as a pediatric nurse. I am very patient and understanding, these qualities of mine would be beneficial in the nursing field. I would view myself as empathetic, I have an idea of others’ feelings and with that I can help them through their problems. I can handle stress, although it is hard at times I am still able to bounce back and stick with what I am trying to succeed in. I’ve always had plans for myself and because of this, I believe that it’s important to plan out anything that you are trying to do or accomplish. Most people would consider me a determined individual, I won’t give up without having a struggle first. When I start something, I tend to not quit. I stick with what I am doing until I am finished the process. One other quality that I portray is that I am very passionate at what I do, whatever I do. Throughout the enrollment process into college, I would like administration to consider me not only because of my academic qualities, but because of the determination I have and the commitment of what I long for in my

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