Health And Social Care Reflection

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I feel that strength of mine in this domain would be advocating for my clients quality of care, analyzing my own nursing practice and understanding medications as part of the 7 rights. There was a incident where I had asked for assistance from another care provider on the floor to help with turning a changing a brief on my client. We had to use the lift to move the client to the bed and then I perform peri care. The client expressed their wish to stay in bed until dinner, which was in 3 hours. The other care provider had wanted to leave the sling under the client because it would be easier for when they had to move her back into the chair at dinner. Although this may have saved time, I felt that it would be best to remove it because of the client’s risk of skin break down as well as…show more content…
I can tell the difference between shifts that I have been well rested and at a lower level of stress due to less pressures outside of clinical, compared to shift where I was going off 3hrs of sleep due to migraines or was overwhelmed with outside influences. Noticing this difference made me more aware of how maintaining psychological and physical health is imperative to providing the most optimal care. To address this issue in the future I need to realize when I am being affected by a lack of sleep from a migraine and choose to take a sick day instead of pushing my self to a point of exhaustion, which could possibly negatively affect my care. I also need to keep up with my outside activities such as exercise to ensure that I am maintaining a healthy physical state. Speaking to my parents or a close friend when I have had a day of encountering things such as death can be a beneficial way of maintaining a healthy mind. There is still much to improve on but I have noticed a shift in how I am managing
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