Leadership: Coast Guard Career

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1. Leadership is a personal and professional choice that I made early in life which was the perfect fit for a military service. My definition of leadership is the ability to influence an outcome with positive results. I have received both positive and negative influences in my Coast Guard career, which drives me to continue my leadership roles as a senior enlisted member out the Coast Guard organization. My first introduction to Coast Guard Leadership was when I entered recruit training in 1999 I was a twenty three year old know it all that had been living on my own since I was about eighteen and what I thought I had a lifetime of experiences. The company commanders instilled in me a belief that anything was possible and when I departed recruit …show more content…

How do people in our organization want to celebrate accomplishments? In short, they want time off. The question I propose is if you already give time off because you feel that the people that work for you, do a decent job and you want them to work hard and enjoy life outside the office, what is the next best what to celebrate. I don’t know, it is like pulling teeth to for people to show up to a Morale function or even to take your shop out to breakfast, either one or two people don’t get along or have to drop their children at school, a variety of reasons. Informal recognition has dropped at the waste side because the egregious amount of paperwork that goes along with a simple CG-3307. Asking for a challenge coin for one of your people requires a form filled out, followed by a summary of accomplishments; there goes the informal aspect of the recognition.

5. Leadership philosophies will characterize you, but shouldn’t hold you back from making tough choices for difficult decisions. My philosophy has evolved as I have gained experience and become more empathetic towards situations that I have never encountered. I draw back to my childhood of doing unto others as you would have done to you. I try to lead with a positive attitude to ensure a positive

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