Hrm/531 Staff Selection Process

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Staff Selection Process
The selection process for hiring new staff is critical to the success of an organization. More importantly is the selecting and hiring of the right employees for the right positions. Many organizations have a selection process and in actuality, it is a good process; but, they fail to fully implement that process for various reasons. I recall a situation with our school district when the board was looking to hire a superintendent. The board hired an agency to assist in the selection process of the superintendent and they selected an array of individuals within the community to serve on the interview panel. The board had an excellent process in place to select the superintendent but for some reason decided in the middle of process that they knew who they wanted for the position and ended the selection process without interviewing all of the candidates. This caused a major division with the school district and the community. The individual who was selected never worked in public education, never taught in a public school classroom, didn’t have any certification but had taught on the collegiate level in an area that had absolutely nothing to do with public education. The reputation of the school district fell to
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“Prior to the employment of any certified personnel, an applicant for any position within the Dougherty County School System shall submit to a fingerprint and criminal background check. Provided, however, the Dougherty County School System can employ certified personnel on a temporary basis until the receipt of the results of the criminal record check. The criminal background check shall be conducted by the Georgia Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center. Information provided by the Georgia Crime Information Center or the National Crime Information Center shall be used for the purposes allowed by O.C.G.A. 35-3-35 or applicable federal laws, rules, and/or regulations” (Descriptor Code: GBD,
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