Hunger In Rural Indiana Summary

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Hunger in Rural Iowa and Indiana
The article the “New Face of Hunger” talks about a family living in rural Iowa that is dealing with food insecurity. I also live in a rural area here in Indiana where people are having to deal with food insecurity as well. I wonder if there are similarities between these two groups of people who are both dealing with food insecurity. So, why do people that are surrounded by food have trouble with food insecurity? Could it be because the state is focusing on how much they are exporting and overlooks the deeper problem of hunger within their state?
Christina Dreier lives in Mitchell County, Iowa, and is faced with the despair of not having enough food to feed her two growing children. Her plight is so extreme that she must make her three- year- old son go without breakfast, in hopes that he will eat the free breakfast provided by the school so that there will be enough food to feed their family for lunch. Sometimes there’s not even enough food for her to give her kids a snack that is healthy. They then have to rely on carb- loaded snacks that they can get for free at the local food pantry. While her husband Jim works long hours, often late into the night spreading pesticides on commercial crop farms, there is never enough money to go around. This has caused them to turn to other means of support. Namely the …show more content…

Both live in farming areas where a lot of food is produced, but yet very little of that food is kept in the county where it is grown or even in the state. Therefore, both of these groups are dealing with food insecurity have to make use of outside sources to get enough food to be able to provide for their families. I personally feel that each of these states should be more concerned about the welfare of their citizens before they ship their produce out of

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