Hunger Rhetorical Analysis

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Peter Adams
The Need Hungry? Eat a snickers, you’re a diva when you’re hungry. This is a well-known advertisement quote for a snickers commercial. This commercial says that when people are hungry they aren’t themselves or are acting strangely. Think about those around the world who would kill to get some food or fresh water. They don’t have commercials about food and water. If I were the Secretary General of the United Nations in 2015 I would use the funding of 50 million dollars to help those in third world countries that do have the luxury or are in need of food and fresh drinking water. All around the world there are people who are dying of thirst and hunger. There is concern that there will be a future that contains very little water. …show more content…

Although this number, which is a not yet a refined estimate, leaves out those who suffer from vitamin and nutrition shortages and other forms of malnutrition (World Hunger). According to the FAO the world produces enough food to provide everyone with about 2,720 kilocalories per person daily. Then why does hunger exist? The whole number of food troubled people who are poorly nourished or are in need of critical nutrients is probably closer to three billion or half of humanity. The harshness of this situation is made obvious by the United Nations’ estimation over a year ago that almost 18 thousand children lose their life, every single day, as a direct or indirect consequence of poor nutrition. Africa is the number one country with this burning situation. The people of Africa are in dire need of food and nutrition. We, the people, need to stop turning away because it is not affecting us right now. It will affect all of our lives in the future. Parents need to think of their children’s children. I know that society would help resolve the problem if the tragedy happened closer to them. One out of eight human being in the world’s population go to bed starving every night (World

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