Hypocrisy In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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How Hypocrisy and Lies Play a Major Role in the Leadership of the Pigs Lies and hypocrisy can play a major role in a person or group’s leadership. In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, animals on a farm are unhappy with their life, so they rebel and take over their farm for themselves.. In the beginning of the book the white boar on the farm which everyone calls Old Major has had a dream where man has gone from the Earth and all is peaceful. He also sings a song called Beast of England. It talks of a time when man will be overthrown from the Earth and animals will rein the Earth and there will be no more hunger and no more cruel punishment for any animals. Old Major talks of a rebellion that needs to happen on the farm. He says that it …show more content…

When food fell short in January they had to have their corn ration reduced. Many farms had started spreading rumors about Animal Farm and Napoleon says that this must not happen. In order to stop the rumors about the food shortage on the farm, Napoleon had the storage sheds filled almost to the top with sand and then had the rest of the grain piled on top. When Whimper came by to do his check ups all he got was a quick glance at the shed. With a quick glance, everything in the storage shed looked full so he continued to tell the outside world that there was no food shortage on Animal Farm. The pigs lie to the other animals about the food shortage too, along with the outside world. They tell the other animals that food production is up 400% from when Jones ran the farm and this makes all the animals content and none of them question it. The pigs use lying and hypocrisy to make the animals do what they want. If the other animals on the farm knew that the pigs were lying to them about the food supply they would probably rebel and question Napoleon’s leadership. He lies to the animals so that they don’t rebel and so they are content with working under Napoleon’s

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