Impact Of Martin Luther On Religion

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Have you ever imagined some of the greatest and smartest men coming together and having discussions about big issues in society? I could only imagine how much detail, maybe even discoveries, and disagreements would come out of conversations that are focused on religion, the church, government and personal freedom.
Martin Luther is a man who has had a huge impact on religion. Without him and his movement who knows how the world would be today. His view on religion was considered heresy. Luther stated, “For, since we are all priests alike, no man may put himself forward or take upon himself, without our consent and election, to do that which we have all alike power to do.” (Luther 3) This statement shows Luther’s view on religion and the church. He believes that everyone has the authority to read the bible. This means no one man, meaning the Pope, has the power to read and interpret the bible for the rest of the people. His statement is giving freedom for people to read and understand the bible for themselves for the first time ever. He believed that people should be in charge of their church not the Pope. According to Luther, “...the Pope and his followers are wicked and not true Christians, and not being taught by God, have no true understanding.” (Luther 5) This proclamation declares that Luther considers the Pope and his follower to have no true understanding of God, because they have not been taught by God himself. He also says, “’s plain enough that the keys

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