Impact Of The Cultural Revolution On Education

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To what extent did the Cultural Revolution immediately impact the educational system? China has always had a reputation for having a rigorous education system, as it is characterized by heavy emphasis on rote memorization of texts and the ignorance of critical disposition and rational reasoning. In ancient China, the Civil Service Examination served as a system for the most talented scholars to obtain an official position in the palace. Education has been perfected throughout the years and when Mao Zedong, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, rose to power, he altered policies and standard ideologies. The Cultural Revolution, which was mobilized by Mao to reassert his authority and eradicate reactionaries, affected several facets of people’s lives, one of which was the educational system. The Cultural Revolution had an immediate and negative impact on the educational system as it destructed traditional roles in education, disrupted the entire educational process, and caused corruption in the educational system by removing the level playing field. During the Cultural Revolution, students became Red Guards and utilized violence, thus destroying the student-teacher relationship and undermining a teacher’s standing. The Red Guards were formed by brigades of radical militant students who were loyal to Mao. Using violence to achieve their aims, the Red Guards attacked anyone who indicated elements of being a ‘capitalist’ or ‘bourgeois’, including teachers. As a result of
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