Persuasive Essay On Being A Survivor

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Has anyone ever had the thought of what it takes to survive with the right traits to get through the ups and downs of life? A survivor works like a new car being made every year always adapting and being more efficient. When one has reached their breaking point, they get themselves fixed and back to moving again. A survivor mindset and heart will get through anything when they use it to the fullest. To be a survivor is to feel a sense of purpose and hope while staying focused. With purpose a survivor can have a sense to give it their all. Purpose gives one a reason to keep living life with a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment makes one to have success as well of a feeling of positivity. Too often people let themselves go and get influenced…show more content…
Being focused allows to stay on task or get the job done. There is too many instances where someone will get distracted rather than staying focused at what is right in front of them. Also with focus allows you to get the job done especially when it is your moment or it is one life on the line. Kayla Montgomery, teen long distance runner with M.S., stays focused on being the best runner in her state despite being diagnosed with M.S. Montgomery states, “When I finish, it feels like there’s nothing underneath me. I start out feeling normal and then my legs gradually go numb. I’ve trained myself to think about other things while I race, to get through” (Crouse). Staying focused no matter how much pain someone may suffer from what happens they will reach their goals slowly but surely. Pain is a feeling that only pushes someone to stay on task to handle what is at hand. Just being diagnosed with something does not stop anyone from what they want to do, just because nature is giving them a challenge to overcome. To be a survivor is to feel a sense of purpose and hope while staying focused. Remember always try to be able to adapt to new situations and to keep surpassing limits to keep going even further. Anyone can get through anything if they stay calm on what is happening. Failing repeatedly only makes someone a better survivor in performing better at new situations. Everyone is a survivor no matter what the story is to be told from being minor to severe. Lastly never be ashamed of a scar , it simply means that to be stronger than what tried to cause
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