Importance Of Attachment Theory

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Chapter 1: Introduction
This chapter explains the background of study, problem statement, objectives and hypothesis of study. From this chapter also talk about conceptual framework, conceptual & operational definition of key terms and the significance of study.
1.1 Background / Context
Based on the research done by U.S Census Bureau (1996) mentioned that marital trends over 94 % men and women have married one time in their life over the age 60, based on latest statistics. It means that, 80% to 90% people at U.S will married in their life at least one time based on the population and this style will be go on. The statistic also have mentioned that those people divorce from their married, more than half will married again (Kreider & Fields,
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It is good to recognize how the haven safety and base in secure role of the attachment form happen as same patterns are founds in other type of close spouse attachment in later on life (Mikulincer & Shaver, 2007). The common role in attachment theory is haven safety, with the examination of the child whether the attachment form suggest support or accessible. At some moment like style of adult attachment, the responsive and present attachment form or the intimate relationship in spouse attachment form can fulfils these haven safety roles (Collins et al., 2006). Ainsworth (1991) and Hazan and Shaver (1994) saying that seeking for proximity to be a strategy by a young children to ensures the fulfillment of their survival needs like love, food, safety and home. The survival needs that given by caregiver; the young children will be able to feel protection and safe. The last common roles in attachment form is base in secure through safety and protection environment (Bowlby, 1969). When this happen, the young child will be able to communicate and investigate the world and social of their close up surroundings. In the early growing age, the investigate will happen in home and playing field. After that, work and school given a new opportunity, at the same time the close spouse will able to given the base in secure by the individual (Hazan & Shaver, 1994). This function given the base in secure in close spouse can include sometime share the wish, plan and objective for upcoming, support to deal with new challenges and others. So, the spouse is a support in their own development (Collins & Feeney,
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