Essay On Importance Of College Education

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I have never been one of those kids who fancied education from a tender age. I loved playing around and having fun with friends. My first day in school was among the worst days of my life. To me, I felt like my parents did not want me around them and so they had to shove in one of the daycares around. I had no option but to get used to the new environment and people as well. With time, I started liking this new place and did not even want to go home. As I continued growing up, I loved the school environment more and more. I saw the school setting to a whole new level. It was not just a place to socialize, but to get education and skills that would help me later on in life. On reaching third grade, I became familiar with the education levels and how one would graduate from one level. As I advanced, it became clear what I wanted to do in life. I vowed to work hard in school so that I would get better grades that would propel me into achieving my dreams. Also, I knew I had to get into a good college for all my dreams to be actualized. Without a college education, most of what I wanted would be just but a passing fancy.
The greatest deal about getting into college is that I would be able to learn more and grow professionally. From the moment I knew the sweetness of education, I knew that
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I have always wanted to be able to cater for my needs on my own without making myself an obligation to someone else. One of the summers when I was in high school, I took up the job of becoming a barrister. This was one of the most fulfilling times of my life. I would buy myself clothes and even once in a while shop for groceries without asking for money from my parents. Having a financial security of your own is one of the greatest feelings ever. You do not have to keep waiting for other people to do things for you. It makes one self-dependent and makes you feel
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