Importance Of Construction Industry

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Construction sector is considered to be one of the main sources of national’s economy and also country development. The construction activities are also significant to the achievement of national’s socio-economic development goals of giving shelter, infrastructure and employment. It plays an important role to make sure that the people of any country having a good environment to carry their life activities. At the same time it creates plenty of job opportunities. That’s why it can influence the growth of national’s economy. In Malaysia, as usual, construction sector contributes a big part in country’s economy. According to a report, in 2010, the construction sector contributed 5% to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), eventhough it was a small percentage but the total value of RM18.2 billion was actually an eloquent proof as it generate most of the economc linkages such as financial, banking, insurance, transportation and manufacturing services.
Malaysia building sector covers a lot of aspects including planning, design, conservation, demolition and repairing various types of buildings and all the mechanical and civil engineering works. Basically all the services that related to this construction sector consume large number of human resources, cost of budget, quantity of materials. So indirectly it links with the other important sectors and rises the development of Malaysia together. In today’s era, Malaysia is considered as a developing country to rapid economic

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