Global Value Of Education Essay

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My study offers an understanding of the importance of educational assessment and focuses on different aspects. The research reveals global values of education might affect local education system. However, learning from other recourses, modification of the local recourses, knowledge, and practice can help to succeed the best change that suited to cultural realities and conditions. Studies show multisided approach to the education makes a contribution in terms of developing. The purposes of my study to research and demonstrate what makes an educational assessment and what might an educational assessment like? how the mechanism of educational assessment has to be adjusted depending on cultural tendencies and multicultural framework. How can be an effective the implementation of the best education system standards to the current education system? How to integrate multicultural education and curriculum into the national education and…show more content…
After two years All education was placed under Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR Control in 1920. Although a number of universities and institutes of learning are located in Baku, fields continue to favor Russian. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan ordered the Ministry of Education on 3 September 1993. There have been a lot of changes, regulations, educational development programs, state programs, and projects within 25 years in order to develop the national education system. Collaboration between the Ministry of Education and World bank enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning conditions, reformation of the curriculum, modernization of teacher training and assessment for education quality improvement. The quality and approach of the teachers are crucial to transmit of the cultural values. My aim is to evaluate our Education system effectively and develop educational
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