Importance Of Educational Leadership

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I would like to start with a quote that “Not all Leaders are Managers and not all Managers are Leaders”. The question that comes to my mind is can Leadership be taught or is it an innate behaviour that one possess and how important is it when it comes to educational Leadership management. As I understand Leadership qualities are difficult to pin down because each one of us has qualities that need to be shaped. Since education is a lifelong learning process it is important to have people with leadership qualities that can help provide direction and also contribute to organisational changes in a complex environment which may include setting standards, achieving benchmarks set by the organization and adhering to policy directives which many a times are complicated and unpredictable. I was interested in this specialization because I felt that it will help me understand the complex nature of school organization as it plays a vital role in shaping one’s educational outcome and school as a whole influence the way in which our approaches to society are shaped based on the leadership and ideology the school follows. Sometimes these ideologies are so rigid that it requires good leadership that can help bring about the required transformation and change in the culture and practice of the schooling process which is not an individual act but a shared enterprise of the teachers, students and the community as a whole .I believe that leadership must encourage critical practices that

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