Benefits Of Hubris Leadership

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The aim of this paper is to study how to mitigate and avoid the perils of hubristic leadership in an organization by using risk management concept. The objective of this study is to identify the main factors that influence the hubris leadership and how the perils of hubris leadership might be mitigate and avoid by using risk management concept. Finally, the main factors that influence the hubris leadership is such like excessive self-confidence, self-importance, egotism, an incentive and abrasive, aloofness or arrogance, betrayal of personal trust and overdependence on a mentor and risk control has been used to minimizing the risk of the loss in hubris leadership by using techniques of risk avoidance and risk reduction. The concepts advanced, and implications discussed, provide an insight into the role of leader in reducing hubris and this paper suggest that future research should attempt to examine other factors that may influence the hubris leadership.
Keywords: Hubris leadership, perils, risk management
1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, leadership is very vital issue in term of successful and failure any company or organization. Some of people think that leader is always related to the politic side but in fact leadership is related to everything around world. Leader can guide the safe side by his or her skill and strategy. Leadership has been a heavily researched topic for over 50 years. As a result, over 15,000 articles and books have been published on this topic.

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