Importance Of Habits In Daily Work

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“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn
The CONDITIONING for life:
Also, by conditioning your responses (which you make automatically or without using much conscious thought), you can accomplish near miracles.
Just like in sports conditioning, which is about aerobic as well as anaerobic conditioning, you can build your stamina, your staying power, your resilience, your mental as well as physical reserves when you make it your duty to improve every day.
Even if you are not gifted or talented in some department or some area, you will more than compensate for it through sheer hard work by using strength of mind plus strength of heart.
Thus putting in the daily work (i.e. the daily practice) will make your work second nature since you have developed good habits by putting in the daily work. The daily practice will, eventually, allow you to master your work.
Building our HABIT SET:
Someone said: “repetition is the mother of all skills”. Practicing or repeating any action, whether positive or negative, becomes a part of your behavior. When that particular action is practiced or repeated for a long enough time, then you start to act that way automatically (or without thinking).
Despite the fact that a lot of habits we have learned, have been acquired by us without paying much attention (such as those developed through imitating our parents,

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