Importance Of Human Resource Management In An Organization

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Any organization’s success largely depends upon the quality of its employees working in the organization. This is the major reason behind employing the best human resources in the organization and offer them a good salary package . Human resource management is a activity of getting people & organizations together so that the goals of each other can be achieved. Due to the globalization, Indian companies / organizations are also experiencing a change in its systems, management, culture & philosophy. Day by day the face of the business is changing and it is becoming more dynamic. This has resulted into the need for multi skill development in the organization. The scope of the business and the employment is changing from local to global . Increased competitiveness and the performance of the of organization will be based on increased efficiency of the employees. Every organization strives hard to sustain the quality of the product or services. The quality is ultimately based on the process, people & system. Naturally the role of Human Resource Management has gain the more importance in the organization This is the reason why Human resources are treated as the most important asset or capital of the organization. Obliviously effective management of resources is the key to its success of any organization. And it is possible only when the HR policies & procedures are linked with corporate objectives and strategies of the organization. The success of the organization is based
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