The Importance Of Project Prioritization

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Executive Summery
Project management becomes a necessary support that played crucial and important role in business operations and for that reason it must be managed optimally. Overall, this report is discussing a project prioritization software as one of contemporary tool that used by institutions for developing and improving work performance, winning the leadership in work fields and achieving customer satisfaction. Beside that; it gives them the chance to take advantage of employees’ capabilities by empowering their creativities and innovations in project management. The main objective of project prioritization software tool is to ensure that the alignment between ongoing projects and the business itself is managed effectively and within
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In the UAE, there is a slight absence in using project management tools by the government and large project holders and that was noticed after the economic crisis. Lots of project stopped since that time especially the construction projects and some has been supported by the government to return to the market again. After the economic crisis they recognize the importance of PMO and they started employing project management tools to facilitate the overall work before initiating any project. Project prioritization software tools are not a frequent tools used by project managers and because of that a lot of project has been initiated without a reference matrix of its importance and how it is meeting the business goals and client’s needs. There are some challenges of using such tool which might lead to indirect consequences such as prioritizing the wrong decisions and providing unclear analysis for risk and exact project capability.

Contemporary Project Prioritization Software Tools is a special tool for sorting projects and its requirements according to its importance using specific criteria.

Introduction and
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The author provides readers with tools on how to sort projects and its requirements according to its importance. Furthermore, he review the main reasons and consequences of using that kind of tools in project management which mainly are facilitating decision making in complex projects and reduces risks, saving resources and encourage high level of communication between team. The author’s approach proves the importance of prioritizing matrix tools to reach business goals and implement project within time, scope and
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