Importance Of Reading Fiction A Waste Of Time

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There are many people who would love to read books and it is reasonable for us to say if reading fiction is a waste of time? There are children to even adults who enjoy reading fiction because they believe it is entertaining, this is why fiction is still famous today in the modern era. In this small world, there are many people who will say it can be better than just sitting all day watching TV. There are many people who would say reading anything fictional is a waste of time because it is not real when they themselves might not know what they are missing. In the event of reading a book, reading fiction is not a waste of time because reading fiction makes better writers, strengthens the imagination, and it can be a fun thing to do.
To begin with, the reason to why fiction is not a waste of time is because fiction can actually make better writers. While people will mention how fictional books is about things that are not real it can make better writers because of how fiction can make authors use language differently than non-fiction writers. It is important for any good writer to need exposure to a variety of writing techniques for not all readers are focused on one single genre. There are many authors that have improved in writing thanks to fiction and the result of that can also make the person a better storyteller. If you as the author were to read a book in public or in bookstores it can be easier for many people to want to buy the books you want to advertise.
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