Respect In A Civilized Society

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Respect is a requirement for a civilized society. If one does not respect others then society becomes disharmonious. If asked whether society can function without respect, the answer is definitely no. Respect is the glue that binds people together, even if they have differing opinions and values. In even the most homogenous societies, there still exist those with different religions, political views, tastes and opinions that must be respected for a peaceful existence in society. Respect keeps society together. Every human being on earth is different. Not one person has the exact same thoughts and opinions verbatim to another. Respect allows us to accept differing views to find a mid-ground in disagreement. Respect helps us to get close to…show more content…
Tolerance of existence is my idea of sitting next to a stranger on the bus, or moving out of the way for someone walking in the opposite direction as you. It is the action of tolerating another human being and their actions while continuing with your life. That stranger next to me on the bus may have polar opposite religious and political views, may be wearing clothes I find distasteful, but we do not have conflict. We both sit in our seats, respectful of one another’s right to a peaceful journey. Without respect, tolerance of existence would not exist. People would create small scale conflict, which would disrupt day to day life. Everyone would be fighting due to the smallest slight or inconvenience. We will always cross paths with others and must have respect for their right to be on our path and our right to be on theirs. Without this unsaid peace, there would be eternal conflict because humans naturally look out for their own best self interest. We will always strive to right perceived wrongs.This can be seen with protests such as the women’s march, or employees going on strike. Respecting another person does not mean agreeing with another. It means setting aside differences to work together for the betterment of everyone and acknowledging their right to think, feel and act differently. Society cannot function without this because there are too many unique individuals to live in a state of constant conflict and broken
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