Reflective Essay: How Would You Receive A Scholarship?

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Scholarships are investments in students that can benefit from opportunities through which they can receive support, both financially and through connections that can enrich and supplement their academic careers. I have had the honor of receiving the Fred Hill Endowed Scholarship twice before and it provided me with the opportunity to meet Fred Hill as well as another recipient of the scholarship. Having the chance to discuss my future with both Mr. Hill and a peer was eye opening. It helped me reevaluate my own goals by listening to the experiences of others and hearing their feedback. Although a scholarship is generally valued for the financial service it supplies, in this case, I think that the social connection that I was able to have through this scholarship presented me with exclusive access to insights and experiences that allowed me to reconsider my own academic and career goals. Since receiving this scholarship, I have continued applying myself and…show more content…
I am still unsure about what career path I would like to pursue, however, I am attempting to change this by taking advantage of resources and opportunities provided at UTD. For instance I have been attending career expositions and visiting the Career Center to seek out information that can help me build my skills and give me more information about career fields I may have not previously considered. Accordingly, I was able to become part of the first cohort in the Peace Corps Prep Program, which is offered to UTD undergraduate students in order to facilitate their progress and ensure that

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