Importance Of Social Studies In The Early Childhood Curriculum

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Topic: Justify the inclusion of social studies in the early childhood curriculum

To say that social studies should not be included in the early childhood curriculum, would be an understatement. Just take an in-depth study at what social studies is and its key goals. we must justify the inclusion of social studies in the early childhood curriculum because it is closely linked to the key goals and the growth and development of early childhood age children. Early childhood education will be broadened by adding social studies to the curriculum. Learning context will be widened, while maintaining a focus on the historical, social, geographic, economic and political changes that this subject area have been based on.Social studies refer to these actions as the study of interaction of the individual with their personal and social environment. Children learn about human achievements and about how to make sense of changes in society, of conflicts and of environmental issues. With greater understanding comes the opportunity and ability to influence events by exercising informed and responsible citizenship. As they participate in experiences and outcomes . The key goals of social studies begins with fostering better attitudes and identify values, which speaks to the child’s beliefs and actions. If a child is told that he/she should be seen and not heard they show this belief in their action .Through social studies, children develop their understanding of the world by learning about

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