Importance Of System Functional Grammar

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Language is an important way for human to communicate each other. It is because language can express our thoughts and feelings to the person who are talking to us. Due to that statement, we need to learn more than one language to talk with foreigners and to understand what they are talking about. Sometimes to understand the meaning of every language or sentence is hard for several people because every language has their own structure which can describe the rule and the meaning. To understand the meaning of the language we need to know about the function of the language itself. System functional grammar here is needed to describe the function of the language and it is also helping us to improve our skill in mastering of the language.
System functional grammar is more concerned with the meanings of language than the structures. Thus, it is different with traditional and formal grammar which the structure in sentences is the most important part. Based on Halliday and Matthiessen (2004) in the system functional grammar there are three kinds of metafunction; ideational, interpersonal and textual meaning. In this research the researcher chooses to use interpersonal meaning and will be more explained by two components: mood element and modality due to the researcher will focus on the message of the texts or the speech. Elements of interpersonal meanings are Mood and Residue. The component that gets bandied back and forth is what we call the Mood element of the clause. Mood element

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