Importance Of The Odyssey Today

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Almost every student has read “The Odyssey” by Homer at one point in their school career. The story the odyssey is still very much relevant to the modern world. This entire essay will be about how “The Odyssey” is still relevant today. The point of proving this is till is because it provides every helpful or imaginary thought to influence people. The odyssey is important and still relevant in the 21st century because it shows facts about the Trojan war, it could inspire people to become historians, and help educate people. Moving on to the first piece of proof that the odyssey shows facts about the trojan war. The reason this is my essay is because in the book it gives a general place of where they are located. In fact, in 1870 a German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann found a city in the book by Homer, it was found in modern-day Turkey. Anyway, this is also here because the people of Greek used a trick to capture the city of Troy .The reason this relates to my subject is because the trojan horse is because they technically tricked someone to win the war and in a way assassinated the target they were intended for. This relates to the modern-day because the united states government does it with certain people that their need dead. Another fact about the trojan war that turned out to be true is that Ithaca is a real place, it was discovered by Greek archaeologists. The archaeologists believe this is Ithaca because in the book they mentioned a place there and they actually

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