Why Writing Is Important Essay

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The Importance of writing:Writing is in everyday life My past with writing has been jarring due to the fact that I could not read in first grade and was drastically behind. Since I could not read I had a hard time writing. I was put into after school programs and I was always on phonyx at home. Something just was not clicking. Finally, I got the hang of reading and writing but I could not understand what I was reading or writing. This became really frustrating to me because my parents and teachers wanted to keep in second grade for an extra year. However, my parents did not want me to feel different or weird and they also did not want me to loose my friends. So, I went on to third grade where I struggled even more with my writing capabilities. I have always been on step behind in my writing classes. I honestly wish I did not beg my parents to not hold me back since writing is so important. …show more content…

Anytime I would write an academic essay I would get a comment at the end “good ideas, unorganized”. My essays were so off topic and unorganized it was tremendously affecting my grade. My history teacher in high school made me stay after class and talked to me about how unorganized the structure of my paper was. I had to learn how to link all my body paragraphs to my thesis. I had to do this in order to succeed in my classes. My past with writing has taught me the importance of staying on

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