Improving Customer Service Delivery And Culture

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2.2 Analyze changes to improve service delivery and the culture throughout own organization
Understanding of own organizations culture, attitudes and beliefs about its culture, the work it performs and the services it provides to satisfy the customer’s needs will assist in producing the desire to continuously improve customer service. This change to the culture is difficult to attain but “buy in” from all levels of the organization is vital if continuous improvement and change is to become the new norm. This makes positive leadership the key to bringing about positive customer service improvement and by providing vision, inspiration, governance, motivation and commitment to the cause.
In my organization as the Senior Operations / Customer Care Manager, I am targeted to improve Customer Service and bring about culture change to aid continuous improvement in Customer Care. Over the last 3 months a number of initiatives have been undertaken, including the examination of what the customer needs, when …show more content…

So far, the initial success in the actions taken has proven to be its own driver for further improvement but training has also played a significant part. Resulting from the initial team meetings, despite not needing in-depth product knowledge to do their operational duties, it was a common desire for more product training as the operation teams felt more confident and more helpful as result of additional product knowledge. This initiative is now programmed to take place over the next three months. An external training provider is also delivering specific Customer Care training to further enhance the skills within the operational teams and the success of this training is clearly evident from the way the training is being put into daily practice and further requests for more training is also being

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