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Man has always been the main factor and influencer in the world civilization. God has created us all to build up this world and to spread knowledge and peace over it. We are in the twenty first century, a time when we should have known and studied all science and types of human cultures; but we still need to know more about the past. Till now scientists and archeologists excavate the past and still find new amazing things. Some amazing historical phenomena need explanations like the pyramids in Egypt. Theories still try to imagine and to explain how these incredibly pyramid-shaped buildings were built which proved to be tombs of pharaoh kings. Man is a mighty being who achieved great things since the existence of the world. One of the greatest civilizations I have read about is the Inca Civilization which started in what is called now Peru in Central America. In this research, I am going to talk about a very important part of the Inca Civilization which is the "lost city" of Machu Picchu. As many ancient cultures, Inca 's history depended on and derived from myths they…show more content…
It lies next to Machu Picchu on an elevated location that overlooks the Urubamba River. The name Winay Wayna, which means "Eternal Youth" was given to the ruin by the eminent Peruvian archaeologist, Dr. Julio C. Tello. The ruins consist of upper and lower house clusters, interconnected by a long steep staircase as a feature of mountainous areas with some fountains which decorated the place. Agricultural terraces give the landscape a special touch and take advantage of the local topography. The Incas were professional masons who used to shape the stones and formed stonework as if making cakes! The site view, its location next to Inca main roads, and the investment represented by its architecture suggests it a place of some importance during the Inca occupation of this part of the Urubamba

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