Inequality In China

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INTRODUCTION Gender Inequalities mean treating people differently just because they are male or female, this is a great problem in the society that we live in, because each person has a different attitude about this topic, for example, in China they think that men are more powerful and important than women, but in America they prefer gender equality also as we are living on the highest stage of human society, not all we think is real is good, the inequalities behind modernity are still there, for example, inequalities for race, region and gender. As we all know there is different gender equality in each country, some have more inequality and others more equality, and that is what made me do the essay on this topic, because there are different…show more content…
Now in China thanks to judicial guidance in the divorce the properties don’t just split, but they are all given to the name that is on the deeds. Men look for the homes and look for the family, but women's help is crucial for this, because men need a family to get the home. “Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China” Is a book which explains perfectly the situation of women in China and how, by unknown circumstances the gender inequalities in China have reborn, which makes women feel inferior and low. Gender inequalities in Japan: For women job hunting are much more difficult than men, because companies think that when they get pregnant or marry, they will hire, I understand that opinion, but that is not an excuse, because lots of women don’t marry or have kids, so just because they are women they don’t have the opportunity to have the same job that a man will get, and that is not correct, why should men have better jobs than men, they are all equal, aren’t…show more content…
Women spend twice as many time in house chores as men, that is not really fair. As we all know children try to imitate their parents, that is why the young people of today are sexist and unfair. Gender Inequality in India: There is a lot of gender discrimination in India, women live in a second status within the household, the chores, and their workplace, this affects the women’s health,economy, education, and political involvement. They are obligated to marry young and have children. One of the causes of gender inequality in India is the domination of men over women. Men exploit women and this is not something that happens now, but this is a phenomenon that has been happening since a long time ago. Some people have other opinions about this topic, for example, some people think that women must be in custody of her father when she is a child, in the one of her husband when married, and when she is old, she must be in the custody of her son, this will also happen if she is a widow, she will never be treated as an independent
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