Influential And Social Effects Of The Revolutionary Era

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Ryan Nelson
Ms. Graham
US History
20 October 2017
The Influential and Social Effects of the Revolutionary Era The revolution brought about innovation through new ideas and the abolition of old traditions and laws. One of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin was one of the many who was able to rise to the top at the prime of the era because of his intelligence and charisma. The lives of everyone in the colonies experienced radical change in their lifetimes, and their ancestors with the talk of women’s rights and antislavery movements. The social policy of Rationalism that helped guide the era into a new ideology was carried out by many influential people like Benjamin Franklin. As one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, …show more content…

There was a demand for manufacturing and soldiers during the war effort that only women could supply because of all of the men serving in the war effort. By defying standard gender roles, women were able to pave the way for women’s rights in American society. The role of women is a prime example of how the lives of Americans were changed during the war. The revolution did provide a bold and hopeful vision for women’s rights, but more importantly, the talk of abolishing slavery was brought into …show more content…

And with that, people with very little could gain fame and wealth like Benjamin Franklin. Thanks to his newspapers and other influential mechanics, Franklin was able to spread the ideas of the era. For instance, Rationalism was adopted by many and an age of reason came to be about. He was also a slave abolitionist, one of the many discussing the topic of freeing slaves at the time. And thanks to the slaves, freed or to be freed, the Colonial Army had enough soldiers to fight the revolution. The help was beneficial to the revolution, this also applies to women of the era who took up the mantle and proved that women need not be without rights. The Revolutionary era was a world-changing event that shaped has shaped the ages since and continues to do so.

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