Informative Essay On Dog Fighting

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Dog Fighting
In the world of dog fighting, the players fight alone. A sport designed to kill; even a winner is a loser. While freedom seems like a distant dream, those who escape are permanently scarred. Emotionally and physically, a fighter dog is always traumatized from this inhumane treatment. Each year 16,000 dogs are killed from organized dog fights. While all 50 states have laws against dog fighting, some are rarely enforced. Many believe there should be stricter penalties dog fights.
Although dog fights are illegal in all 50 states, people still find loopholes to continue justifying their horrible actions. Most people involved with this lucrative sport see nothing wrong, just a quick and easy way to make money. In Georgia a first offense for dog fighting is $5000. Professional dog fighters make up to three times as much from a fight sometimes. According to a site (which shall remain nameless) that promotes dog fighting, one fight made over $17,000. $5000 is not enough to discourage dog fighters. Many people believe they must pay all of the money made from this “sport” plus an additional $15,000. This, people hope, will make these criminals think twice before starting this horrifying “business”. …show more content…

All 50 states have some law in place that names dog fighting as either a level of misdeamor or a felony. Dog fighting is cruel to dogs, which breaks Code Ann. 16-12-14 et seq. in Georgia. It is also defined as a felony. Most people just don’t realize how many laws they broke on just one dog fight. If the dogs where replaced with people, these “organized” fights, it would be classified as forced manslaughter or murder. Yet because it is dogs, some heartless people seem to turn a blind eye to this barbarism. Stricter laws would hopefully have these putrid criminals ponder before pitting these defenseless dogs against each other for blood

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