Informative Essay On Pearl Harbor

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Do people ever wonder what would’ve happened if Pearl Harbor never took place? Here’s a start, thousands of lives wouldn’t have been lost, structures wouldn’t have been damaged, December 7,141 would’ve been an ordinary day. Pearl Harbor was a regular naval base located in Oahu, Hawaii. This surprise attack was carried out by the Japanese because they wanted more supply on oil and rubber. They brought fighter planes, dropping bombs, submarines, armed men, and much more. Pearl Harbor was one of the best modern warfare attacks in history. It has had a huge impact on the lives of us americans and our oil and rubber supply.

The first wave of destruction started at 7:50 am with the sound of 183 fighter planes emerging in to drop bombs. In the first …show more content…

After the attack Hawaiians named this base “Wai Momi” which meant “pearl waters.” They called it this because they felt that they were finally in peace from the Japanese. You can go to this naval base today and see more of the meaning behind these quotes. Plus you can go see a stone wall with all 3,000 deaths imprinted into it along with a huge memorial. Today we call Pearl Harbor a National Historic Landmark.

After the attack China declared war on Japan on December 9,1942. Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted the United States to be apart of this so he asked Congress to announce war against Japan to the American people. Eventually, Germany,Italy,Bulgaria,Hungary, and Romania issued war on the U.S. Because so many countries were involved this was the start of WW11. But because we lost so much oil and rubber, it would be a challenge for America to stand a chance against all of our opponents. Even then we were still picking up memories of Pearl Harbor a year later.

December 7, 1941 is a date of horror. It killed many people, destroyed airplanes, ships, submarines, and much more. They attacked us because we stopped selling important supplies to them that they needed. Thousands of lives were taken from us but none of them died for nothing. They died protecting our country on a dark and terrible day. The day Pearl Harbor was caught by

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