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This is the first year doing intersession at CCMS. intersson is an break from the work,but if you are struggling in a subject then you will be in enrichment. If you are excelling in all of your subjects, then you will be in acceleration. I think it is a great idea and I think it will help in the long run. A principal once said “ work hard, but played harder”. So in this essay I will write about intersession and some of the things I was a part of such as battlinbots, lifetime sports,and escape the classroom. Basically battlinbots is a intersession activity that involves robotics. The subject can be very difficult at first, because most of us had never learned about this before. We went over the basics before we built. Building was the funniest…show more content…
Lifetime sports was an activity that taught us a lot about The Olympics. The Olympics have existed for a long time. Some of the first Olympic sports are still being held to this day such as, running event like,the track, hurdles, long jump. Pole vaulting and many more. Running was not the only event as there are shot put, javelin, and the discus. Some newly added event are skiing and snowboarding are some of the newer winter event. Spring Olympics are archery and many more. Those are some of the history of the Olympics. Finally, I had escape classroom. Escape classroom is an activity where you have to solve clues the open boxes with companions. They said the first day was the easiest out of all of them. Everyday the clues would get harder. The second day was harder than the first day like they said. The questions were difficult the because they were different subjects every day. We were on different teams each day. That made it harder than if you had one specific team. It made it to where you had to use everyone 's strong suits to escape the classroom. I enjoyed the intersession activity a lot and I hope i 'm able to do it again. In conclusion to intersession, I enjoyed it a lot. Intersession was a needed break from the school work. After intersession we had a 3 day break. I hope we do intersession again a CCMS. thank you for reading my essay, hope you

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