Intervention: The Canon Of Rhetoric

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Successful public speakers tend to use the canons of rhetoric elements to craft their presentations in a way for their speeches to be more effective. The canons of rhetoric used in this presentation were intervention, arrangement, style, and delivery. Intervention is determining the goal of the presentation as well as the conducting research and providing facts to back the message. The arrangement of the presentation was well thought-out, the message was clear and concise from the beginning to conclusion. Style fit this presentation well and was arranged in a way to keep grasp the attention of the audience. The canon of delivery for the presentation was great everything flowed well and you are certainly able to tell preparations were conducted. …show more content…

The first cannon of rhetoric is Intervention his statements seemed to be back by research of the human body and the reactions that occur as well as describing from firsthand experience. I say that this presentation was back by some research due to the fact that he would go on to described what changes occur in the human body under stress and anxiety as well as how it may affect an individual. He began to describe his first hand experience deeply describing how he felt before, during, and afterwards also mentioning the

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