Vertical Irregular Buildings

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Irregularity is inevitable in the design of multistory buildings. This paper presents the study of vertical irregular buildings which have setback at their different elevation points. All the possible shapes of vertical geometric irregular buildings are considered for the study. Parameters that are used for the assessment are internal forces that induce in the critical members of the building. With the help of this study, decisions can be make about providing setback in a building at different elevation points. For the study purpose only twenty one story buildings are considered. All the buildings are modeled and analyzed in program Analysis used for the present study is response spectrum analysis. Earthquake load is set
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Multistory buildings serve many purposes like office, residential and commercial purpose etc. It increases usable floor area therefore availing more usable space. Aesthetic view of the area where the multistory buildings exists also increases.
In the present paper twenty one story high buildings are considered in which rigid frame structural system is used.
According to M.M Ali and K.S Moon, for twenty storey building, rigid frame structural system is appropriate for resisting vertical loads as well as lateral loads.
Figure.1 shows the perspective view of all building models that are considered for this study. Those buildings are given the name as L shape, V shape and T shape according to the geometric shape they have. Also the buildings with name P, Q and R are the Models in which relative study can be made about vertical geometric irregularity in a building. In these models more than one setback is being provided. At one side setback is kept stationary at some particular elevation and the other side setback is varying with each building in a particular model. Literature
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It can be observed that at the setback level there is considerable change in magnitude of B.M. relative to the other two stories.

Figure 5 shows the variation of bending moment from ground to top story for each building considered in this model. In this picture inserted figure of L1 building is shown.
Highlighted columns of this building are taken to know the variation of bending moment from ground to top story. This variation can be seen in the graph. In the same way plot of variation of these bending moments from ground to top storey for all buildings are drawn together for comparison purpose. It can be seen from each graph that at setback level there is a sudden increase in the value of bending moment.

While comparing the result of all building together, it can be observed that the highest value of bending moment in each building at setback level decreases as vertical height ratio increases. In another words, it can be stated that the effect of providing setback in a building of this kind decreases as the elevation of point of setback in a building

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