Reflection On School Earthquake

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“Earthquakes are unique challenges for schools. Unlike other natural or man-made hazards, they occur with no warning. Schools cannot be closed in advance, nor evacuated. However, with proper training and planning in advance, everyone in your school community can be prepared to react appropriately during and after an earthquake, with appropriate supplies on hand. This lesson provides an overview of school earthquake preparedness and provides resources for use in incorporating earthquakes into your overall emergency plans (Benthien, n.d.).” Earthquake is like a place with a lot of surprises, disaster that should be prepared. “Earthquakes are considered as one of the most destructive natural disasters and can produce many types of losses, including …show more content…

I conclude that a lot of family members or should I say almost every one of us really don 't know what to do when this kind of disaster came to us. Although we really don 't know when would earthquake strikes, we need to at least be prepared for the things that can help us to save more lives. Just like the students in MCL, most of them don 't know anything about the plans for their safety, and according to them there 's no evacuation plan in the campus. Only the officials, committee and some of the students in the campus knows about it. And a lot of students are not aware of their earthquake drills on their campus; they said that only those people who are interested to participate will do. I suggest that the higher position must implement the drills for the safety of the students. Therefore, to be more prepared we must practice the drills we need to know inside and outside the campus and implement the "awareness for earthquakes that 'll keep us/you alive" and they need to think of a better way to catch the students interest. So, to prevent more damages that could possibly happen to anyone; let 's spread and practice the awareness/preparedness for

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