Is Tupac Shakur Actually Dead

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Is Tupac Actually Dead?

From the evidence the police have gathered, it is obvious that Tupac was murdered on September 7, 1996. Only six days later, he was pronounced dead due to his injuries at the age of 25. This information was told by Dr. Ed Brown who was the man that determined that Tupac’s death was a homicide. Which makes us wonder, are the conspiracies about the famous rapper actually true? He was shot several times in different places “Trauma was observed to the right hand, right hip, and right chest under the right arm, apparently caused from gunshots” (Brown). Many people believe that there is a possibility that he could still be alive today. It is understandable as to why his fans think Tupac never died, but …show more content…

The same man who was in the car with Tupac, but how would this be possible? Many people believe that Knight could have payed someone to to kill the rapper. Tupac was shot at fourteen times, but only hit four times, and Knight was apparently grazed by the bullet, not was never proved “He was said to have sustained minimal injuries from bullet fragments, but no serious wounds were recorded” (Parham). Suge Knights motive would be that Shakur was planning on leaving Death Row Records to start his own label. Knight would only end up profiting from his death, because he also owed him millions of dollars. Wouldn't it just be easier to end his …show more content…

It was very possible that he could have came back in retaliation for what had happened earlier that night. Brown was a part of the South Side Crips Gang, so it is obvious that if he did do it, he would have had help. He denied any involvement in Shakur’s death, and they couldn't charge him without evidence. Orlando was shot and killed from an unrelated matter a few years

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