J & K Bank Case Study

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Internship (project work) is an integral part of the academic curriculum of VTU MBA. It is new step to link the gap between knowledge and its application through a series of interventions that will facilitate students of VTU MBA program to add insights and spotlight to the industry. The 10 week Internship (project work) has been positioned during 4th semester of the MBA program as it serves the twin purposes of providing critical business insights to students as well providing industry with graduates of a high quality who are ready to get ahead in the world from day one.
The topic chosen for study is a “Study on marketing strategies of J&K Bank ltd.Marketing
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• To know about customers lacking new facilities like internet and SMS banking.

• The whole study of the J&k Bank ltd shall convert me to understand the reason behind to improve the image of the bank.
• To understand that what are the strategies they use in J&K Bank ltd to improve their image among competitors.
• To improve the customers relation with the J&K Bank ltd forever by satisfying customers needs and wants.

• 1.6 METHODOLOGY ADOPTED Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It is a science to studying how research is done scientifically. In it in this study the various steps that are generally taken by a researcher in studying research area along with the logic behind them. Here in this why a research study has been undertaken, how the research problem has been defined, in what way and why the hypothesis has been formulated, what data have been collected and what particular method has been adopted, why particular method of analyzing data has been used and a horde of alike other questions are usually answered concerning a research problem or study.
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Questionnaire which is used as tool to survey and contains of questions related to research objective and check list questions to check the customer feedback
Mathematical tools like bar diagrams, tables, graphs are used.
Consumer play an important role in data collection .they gave relevant information related to questionnaire which helps in analyzing of different aspects of J&K bank ltd.
Bar diagrams are made with the help of excel sheet .different type of bar diagrams are used for data processing and analysis.
1.7 Literature
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