JFK Assassination: A Controversial Film By Oliver Stone

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In December of 1991, Oliver Stone released an extremely controversial movie titled JFK. The movie JFK examined the events that took place on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas when the United States 35th president John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated. The movie is based on an investigation that was led by Jim Garrison, who is a New Orleans district attorney. Jim Garrison believed there was more to the assassination than the official story. Who actually killed JFK? Did Lee Harvey Oswald complete this action by himself with a magic bullet? Is it possible that this magic bullet could create seven wounds and penetrate through two men? Or could the Mafia be the mastermind of this detailed scheme that involved people who hated Kennedy, …show more content…

“X” was a Cynical man of military bearing. When he met Garrison on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial he denied being in the CIA but did not want to identify the agency he worked for. In their discussion, “X” explained the assassination, saying that Kennedy was "executed by a device as old as the crucifixion—a military firing squad”. He says that it was a "coup d'état" with "Lyndon Johnson waiting in the wings", not a low level plot. An assassination was ordered to prevent Kennedy from withdrawing from Vietnam and ending the Cold War with the Soviet Union; the military-industrial complex could not afford to lose this war threat. After the assassination the secret team damaged the telephone system in Washington, D.C to prevent news from spreading. This secret team also came up with the lone gunman “cover story” framing Oswald. “X” explains that if he was not sent to the South Pole to accompany a group of officials the day of the assassination, he would have had the routine duty of arranging the additional security for the President, which would have made the assassination unlikely to happen. Returning to hear about the assassination, he realized that he was sent away to make sure that he would not interfere with the assassination plans. While urging Garrison to make an arrest, he explains how he would be “gagged, arrested and put in an insane asylum” if he publicly uncovered these secrets. After meeting with “X”, Garrison arrested Clay Shaw and makes connections of the Washington and New Orleans conspiracies. In reality, there was no such meeting or source for Garrison. During the supposed time of the meeting Garrison was spending the week between Ferrie's death and Shaw's arrest filling in the failed memory of the new witness Russo in New Orleans, not in Washington D.C. However, there is a man named Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty, who is similar to the character “X”. Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty

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