Jack Dunn's New Babe Research Paper

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One of babes nicknames he was known for is The Sultan Of Swat. He got that name because of his 2,213 R.B.Is. And he ranks second in Major League history. Also because of his1,971 RBIs as a Yankee he ranks second in team history. Babe played pitcher and an outstanding outfielder, he was one of the first five sports players to be put in the Hall Of Fame. Babe was born in Baltimore Maryland February 6th 1895 he died August 16th 1948. When Babe was 7 years old he was a troublemaker he was so much trouble that his parents sent him to St. Mary ‘s Industrial School For Boys, a Catholic Orphanage and Reformatory that place became Babes home for 12 years. Babes inspiration he looked up to was a monk named Brother Matthias. The Monk introduced Babe to the game of baseball, babe excelled the game…show more content…
Babe was only 15 when he was introduced to baseball, he had an outstanding talent for strong pitching and hitting. Babes pitching caught the attention of the owner of the Baltimore Oriels Jack Dunn at the time. Only 19, the law stated at the time that Ruth had to have a legal guardian sign his baseball contract in order for Babe to play professionally. Dunn became Ruth’s became legal guardian, teammates to mess with Babe and call him “Dunn’s New Babe”. The joke stuck, and Ruth quickly earned the nickname “Babe” Ruth. Ruth was only with the club for a short time before he was called up into the majors in Boston. The left handed pitcher proved immediately to be a valuable member of the team. Over the next five years Babe led the Red Sox to three championships, including the 1916 title which saw him pitch a record still today of 13
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