How Did Andrew Jackson Give Power To The People

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The majority of this occurs in the United States from just after the War of 1812 up until the end of Jackson’s presidency in 1837. Most of this time is about how the U.S. had a lot of nationalism and let the government do many unconstitutional things.The United States was feeling great after winning the War of 1812. Therefore they let the government make and do the majority of the stuff that they would like. They created things such as the Second Bank and made taxes that were unconstitutional. To become President, Jackson lost the election of 1824, and won in 1828. This is about how Andrew Jackson did or didn’t give power to the people. The people of America had very diverse thoughts of how he gave, used, and took away power.Jackson was either …show more content…

The Era of Good Feelings allowed the government to do mostly anything that they …show more content…

The “The Age of Jackson” did not start when he was elected to office in the year 1828, but when he ran for president in the year 1824, against Federalist, John Quincy Adams. Jackson won the popular vote, but it went to the House of Representatives and through a “corrupt bargain” Henry Clay persuaded the House to vote J.Q. Adams. Jackson 's supporters were furious over this. State voters increased massively as Jackson was supported by thousands of first time voters. He would end up winning by a landslide. Jackson supporters were at an all time high. Jackson supporters loved him because he was a war hero and many could relate because he came from an unwealthy family unlike others before. Politicians and other supporters against Jackson, felt he was stubborn and independent. The rich feared that the common man would have to much power under Jackson. This was created when Andrew Jackson gave important government positions to his friends and supports. His supporters were happy, but people against Jackson were ferocious. He did this so that he could ensure that the things he votes for are indeed put into act. This would allow him to do things that were unconstitutional and be able to run the United States how he wanted. Anti-Jacksonians gave him the nickname “King Andrew I.” To cover up Jackson’s wrongdoing he said that any”intelligent” person could hold a government office.

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