Jay Z: The Negative Impacts Of Hip Hop Music

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Hip Hop is an expressive art form that uses rhymes, rhythm, figurative language, beats, and song lyrics to tell both fictional and true stories about one’s self, environment, and society. Jay Z, an iconic Hip Hop legend, once said in his song ‘A Dream,’ “Remind yourself, Nobody built like you, You designed yourself!” Putting religious concerns aside, the previous quote has some positivity. Just like this Jay Z song, there are various rap(another term for Hip Hop) songs and artists that send positive messages through their lyrics. Some other artists that send positive messages through lyrics are J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean. Although Hip Hop has it positive impacts, it also has quite a few negative impacts too. A drill rapper named…show more content…
Moreover, some well-known inspirational artist are J Cole, Kendrick lamar, Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, and The Notorious B.I.G. For instance, the J Cole song ‘Love Yours’ provides an inspirational message that says, “There's No Such Thing As A Life That's Better Than Yours.” This quote itself allows the listener to reflect and value one’s life. Hip hop positivity is more than just it’s lyrics, it is also spread through action. Numerous of hip hop artist take actions of positivity by giving back to their communities and donation money to charities. For example, Akon, a well known Hip-Hop artist, announce that he would bring solar power to 600 million in Africa. Also a non-profit organization called HSAN focus on using Hip Hop youth leader and activist to tackle the war on poverty and injustice. As a result, all of these examples Hip Hop exemplified positivity and…show more content…
Hip Hop started as early as August 11, 1973 in South Bronx, New York. By it’s founders a sound engineer DJ Kool Herc and a rapper named Coke La Rock. It was actually created on accident, because Dj Kool Herc and Coke La Rock were just messing around. They notice that what they created was very creative and artistic. From that day Hip Hop has evolved and molded into what is now. Moreover, it has become today’s most recent form of music, because of various artist that have each left they unique lyrics to the Hip Hop world. Hip Hop has changed the world with it’s creativity, rhymes, rhythm, and poetry. Giving us daily doses of wisdom in lyrics using poetry, figurative language, and beats . Furthermore, through both of Hip Hop’s positive and negative messages has help it to become as globally popular as it is today. Without Hip Hop, this world that we know probably wouldn’t even

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