John Curtin's Social Impact On Australia

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Australia’s international relationships had a significant impact in World War 2, and this was because of Australian’s security was threatened by Japan, because Australia was sacred of Britain not doing a great job helping us against Japan, so there was one chance to save them and that was to call America for help. When a number of Australian troops returned from the Middle East after John Curtin ordered them to complete an action in Syria. This led to a bad relationship with the British prime minister, Winston Churchill, because Britain want Australia to help them in the war against Germany. As all Australians knew Britain were the ‘mother country’ they will help them but John Curtin went against the partnership with Britain and want to defend Australia, not send all troops to Britain. Curtin invited the Commander of Allied Forces in the Pacific, Douglas MacArthur to help out Australia for the Japanese invasion which made drastic change in Australia’s relation with Britain and USA. As Australia’s relationship became better with USA, they still tried to keep a good relationship with the mother country which is Britain, and they did this my making the federal government invest time and…show more content…
When Britain and American families or separated wives came to Australia and were allowed to stay in Australia and within the policy that Curtin set. The American were scared of one thing which was not to make a American separated wives in a relationship with a Australian solider. When Australia realised it is to late for ask Britain for more troops for the Japan attack, they went by them selfs to attack with Japan. American brought a change in aspects of Australian society by bringing music, food and language. Immigration laws loosened to allow for marriages into different

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